Culinary adventures

Here in Niagara we are blessed to have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available throughout the summer growing season.  One of my favourite farm stands – Gallaghers –  is just a 5 minute drive up the road.  Last summer, I noticed that toward the end of season, they would start selling baskets of tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies for the home canner. I thought I would give it a try and bought a basket of tomatoes.  I found simple instructions on canning tomatoes on the internet and a way I went.  I started with a dozen jars and it worked out well.  You just need to follow the instructions carefully. We were eating my home canned tomatoes well into the winter months.  This year I tried it again, with a larger basket, resulting in 20 jars that I will use in sauces and casseroles over the winter. Will remind me of those nice warm days of summer and the bounty of the area.



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