My Pets

I love animals and currently have 4 of them.  Three cats and a dog.  Ruby is my Pom and my cats are Eddie, Lucy and Stevie.  All girls – even though the names don’t suggest that.  Eddie is named after one of my favourite characters from the British Sitcom – Absolutely Fabulous, Steve named after one of my favourite singers and Lucy named after one of the greatest – Lucille Ball.  I have been home with them full time for almost two years and have managed to spoil them even more than they were spoiled before. To the point where I don’t think I could even get away for a few days.  No one else could likely manage their different demands. Eddie has a hyperactive thyroid and is on a special diet, which the other two cats can’t eat because they are overweight.  So meal time is a balancing act.  Ruby is really fussy, so I make her food myself. She takes a bite and then walks away.  At that point, the overweight cats swoop in and try to eat her food. Because of that, you have to stand over her food dish.


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