Losing a Pet

Two weeks ago my sweet cat Lucy passed away, she was 15 years old.  I had taken her to the vets several times over the past year or so because her behaviour was beginning to change. After running all the conventional tests, we could find nothing physically wrong with her. She was still eating, drinking water, using the litter box and socially engaged. I thought given her age she may just be on the decline cognitively and until she seemed uncomfortable or in pain I would just let her be.

The day she died was not unusual in any way.  Late in the afternoon she was lying on the floor soaking up the sun and when she got up to walk downstairs I picked her up and sat her next to me on the sofa to give her some love.  She was purring and I thought she had settled in for a nap.  After a period I time I went to get up and noticed that she had soiled the blanket she was lying on. And then it hit me like a brick…she had passed away right there at my side.  I was shocked and heart broken.

Losing a beloved pet is hard and now two weeks later my heart still aches. I do take comfort that she passed peacefully at my side. Even though I still have my other cats and dog, something is missing from my life.  It will take time before I feel quite like myself again.

I know that some find it hard to understand how one can grieve so deeply for a pet but for me I lost a great friend.  One who gave me such comfort and unconditional love and asked for very little in return.

My dear Lucy,  like all the other pets I have lost over the years, will live in my heart forever.  Love you Lucy!

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