Social Media Update

Last night I quit Twitter for my health.  In a post last August, I wrote about an article that I read claiming that diving into social media was healthy for older adults.  So I took the plunge.  Because I am a news junkie, I initially followed a number of media outlets and eventually was following well over 100 and combing through all the comments to the posts.  As we moved into the fall and the peak of all the ugliness surrounding the US election, I became obsessed, constantly checking for updates and somehow thinking that sharing my views with others would help the cause. What I finally realized that you are really just sending words out into the abyss, along with millions of others. The shear number of hateful and racists comments became overwhelming and depressing.  People feel that can say the most outrageous things under the guise of anonymity. Instead of bringing people together, it appears to me Twitter is pulling people apart and really not adding to the betterment of society. As far as social media goes, for now I will stick to Instagram, where I follow accounts that posts lovely photos of animals and nature.  Pretty things to sooth the soul.

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